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Bonded Broadband

If your business suffers from slow broadband, Bonded Broadband from TNS is the answer.

TNS’ Bonded Broadband guarantees faster broadband regardless of where you are. There’s no expensive install, and it all works over normal telephone lines.

How’s it done?
The team at TNS handle everything so there’s no need for you to worry. We will advise you on the number of lines available at your premises and then order the required number of broadband circuits. All communications and setup will be done by us alongside BT Openreach. These circuits will then be bonded together using a Cisco router which enables you to bond up to 4 lines. This work is carried out by one of TNS’ experienced engineers onsite and all computers and wireless access devices are tested fully to ensure internet access prior to the engineer leaving site.

What to expect
If you currently have 1.5MB /400kb broadband on a single line you can expect to double this on a 2 line bond (3MB/800kb), triple it on a three line bond (4.5MB/ 1.2MB) or even quadruple on a 4 line bond (6MB/1.6MB).There is a 10 day settling in period for broadband lines so these figures will fluctuate over this period and will settle into the expected speeds after this. There are circumstances that some lines may be faster than others due to the quality and age of the copper in the ground.

To test your current speeds visit and run a test to see what you currently get to enable you to calculate the expected results.

This service can be provided on any line speed so even a 20MB/1.2MB line can be bonded to give 40MB/2.4Mb or higher if required.

How long will it take?
It will take up to 15 days from confirmed order to implement this solution, this is based on BT Openreach lead times on new line installs if required, if current lines are installed then these timescales will reduce to 10 days to provide broadband on the existing lines.

How much does it cost?
The cost is dependent on each individual’s requirements. A quote will be provided within 24hrs of you contacting us with a full breakdown of all works and time scales of service delivery with a reserved installation date of service based on your order acceptance within 48 hours the quote being issued.

To find out more about TNS’ Bonded Broadband and how we can improve your broadband speed call NOW on 0117 379 0500.

For more information call TNS NOW on 0117 379 0500
or email

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