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Health sector call rates

dialingphoneAt TNS we know that these days more and more patients are providing doctors with their mobile numbers as their point of contact. The effect of this change in patient behaviour has resulted in healthcare providers’ phone bills increasing significantly, as the cost of calling mobiles is higher.

To remedy this increase in costs, TNS have negotiated a special rate for UK hospitals, doctors’ surgeries, dentist clinics and all other healthcare service providers, that significantly reduces the costs of calls to mobiles, thereby greatly reducing their phone bill expenditure.

With over 20 years- experience, our health sector call rates package has been designed using our extensive knowledge of the healthcare sector. Whether you’re a private or NHS service provider, TNS’ health sector call rates package is guaranteed to reduce your telephone bill expenditure whilst also supplying first class management of your telecom systems.

Health Sector Call Rates more information:

To find out if your school qualifies and to see how much money TNS could save your school, call us on 0117 379 0500.

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