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Disaster recovery and flexible working

In the current climate every working day lost can have extreme effects on your company. That’s why having an effective Disaster Recovery system in place is crucial to keeping downtime to an absolute minimum and keeping your business functioning if disaster strikes.

At TNS we have a wealth of expertise in helping UK businesses implement disaster recovery and flexible working practices, from home working to their business environment. By helping you plan for any eventuality TNS can ensure that should disaster strike, your business can continue to operate smoothly and safely.

Flexible working
Remote or flexible working is a way of working that suits an employees’ needs. It allows them to choose how they work and gives their employers the knowledge that their work can be carried out even if they are not in the office.

At TNS, we know that every employee is different and that every employer wants to keep good employees happy. That’s why we have developed and offer a range of services that can help businesses with all their flexible working requirements.

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