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Business grade VoIP FAQs
This section will answer some of your questions regarding business grade hosted VoIP telephone systems.

What is VoIP?
VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. This is where you make telephone calls over an internet connection.

Will we need to have a new system box in our office?
No you won’t. With any hosted VoIP solution the ‘system’ is hosted in a secure data centre. As the solution is hosted elsewhere there is no need for a traditional tin or plastic box to be based in the office. The phones communicate to the server via the internet meaning there is no need for any extra equipment in your office.

Can I keep my current phone numbers?
Yes you can! TNS can help ‘port’ your numbers from your current provider, to the VoIP system meaning there is no need to change any marketing material you have, or go through the stressful process of informing customers of your new numbers.

Will I need to purchase an expensive faster internet connection?
No. VoIP calls take very little bandwidth, so there is no need to install a new internet connection if your current one is reliable and sufficient.

Can the phones share the same connection as my IT Systems?
Yes they can, depending on your connection. If there is heavy data use on your current connection, we would recommend a separate connection, but it is possible to run a VoIP system and have your data running from the same connection.

If the phones work over the internet, does this mean I can take my phone home?
Yes it does! One benefit of VoIP systems, is there is no need to set up a forward from your office phone to a mobile. Instead you take your phone home and plug it into your router and it’s ready to use. People can still contact you on the same number, as though you are in the office. Also any calls you make back to the office are FREE.

I’ve used Skype in the past and I’m concerned about the quality
Whereas Skype is very much a consumer based product, our VoIP hosted system is a business class provider, which ensures you receive a much higher level of quality. Quality of Service (QoS) protocols can be set on your internet connection to ensure that voice quality is kept to a high standard so you will not notice the difference.

Is it reliable?
Yes it is. The servers that the VoIP system operates on are located in a secure, temperature managed data centre. The servers are constantly monitored so there is no need to worry.

What happens if my internet connection goes down?
If the internet connection the phones run on goes down, do not panic! The phones can be diverted to mobiles, or another office almost immediately while your connection is getting fixed (no waiting on hold for BT). Or if you have another working connection in your office the phones can be transferred to that connection in a few minutes to keep you fully operational.

What are the advantages of a VoIP system over a standard phone system?
One of the main benefits is the flexibility a VoIP system can offer you. If you are having a move around in the office, there is no need for any re-patching, or timely reprogramming. Simply unplug your phone and take it to your new desk. As long as you have a ‘live’ socket there, you can simply plug the phone in and then it’s ready to use! There is also the added cost benefit of reduced line rental as all your phones can run off one internet connection, meaning there is no need to pay rental on several lines.

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