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VoIP guide

A guide to hosted VoIP Telephones
VoIP stands for ‘Voice over Internet Protocol’ and allows phone calls to be made over a standard internet connection using an IP Phone. This means that instead of using the traditional telecommunications methods of copper wire and telephone exchanges, businesses can use their office internet connection and network to make and receive all their calls.

VoIP - Flexible working and disaster recovery
Using a hosted VoIP telephone system gives any business flexibility to implement remote working practices that can benefit businesses on a daily basis, but also when disaster strikes.

With VoIP there is no external box attached to your office wall, and the system never needs replacing. Employees can take their phones home and plug them into their broadband router as the phone will operate as though it is still in the office. This not only allows business continuity but also keeps all internal calls free and still displaying the main office number on all out bound calls.

Free multi-site calls
A hosted VoIP system is also ideal for businesses with more than one office. Essentially all the phones are linked to the same ‘phone system’ which is hosted in a secure data centre, so all inter-business calls between offices are free, regardless whether the offices are in the same country or not. For instance, even if your business had an office in Cape Town, you could call head office back in the UK and it will not cost the business a penny in call charges.

VoIP soft phone options
Another advantage to having a VoIP system is that you don’t need a phone handset on your desk to be able to use the service. If your laptop or desktop PC has speakers and a microphone it is possible to make and receive calls using a simple application, which is usually called a soft phone.

Soft phones are ideal for employees who travel a lot for work or who never operate from a fixed office location.

VoIP - making moving easy
With a hosted VoIP telephone system there is no need to change numbers should your business need to relocate. This not only makes your move hassle free, but removes any cost you may incur and reduces the risk of missing out on any business.

All you need to do is install an internet connection into your new premises and any CAT5/structured cabling you require, and once your phones are plugged in, the phones will operate as they were in the old building.

Expanding your business
A VoIP telephone system is ideal for any growing business. Upgrades and additions are easy to make and reduce costs. Simply purchase more phones when you need them and plug them in to active CAT5 connections and then they are fully operational. There’s no need to pay for an engineer to come and physically install a phone or wait for a new line to be put in to your system.

TNS - Offering hosted VoIP telephony to UK Businesses
TNS offers all customers their own business grade hosted VoIP telephone solution. Whether your business has three employees or 3,000, the system can be tailored to your exact requirements. Our system allows your business to reduce costs, implement flexible working and disaster recovery practices, as well as offering a future proof telephony solution for your business.

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